WE USE THE ROOTMAKER® SYSTEM FOR ALL OF OUR TREES. THE RootMaker® SYSTEM IS designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems at all phases of production. the rootmaker® process ensures an increase in growth rate, a higher transplant survivability; and ultimately, superior performance.

  • Strong start:

    • plants start in rootmaker® propagation containers, using an air-root pruning environment that stimulates root branching without toxic chemicals. propagation containers direct root tips toward one of many openings on the sides and base of the container, encouraging both vertical and horizontal branching. As the tip dehydrates, secondary roots are produced.

  • 2nd stage:

    • trees are moved to 5”, 8” and 10” knit fabric grow bags in ground for one to two growing seasons. This stage continues the development of a very fibrous, well-branched root system by root constriction. we offer this second stage material for liner stock or potting up for retail sales. Caliber size between 0.5” to 1”.

  • 3rd stage:

    • finished product produced in rootmaker II, a honeycomb designed container that directs the roots outward through a projecting funnel, forcing root branching yet again by air-root pruning. caliber size 1” and above.

  • delivered product:

    • the final product is a very fibrous root system, which translates to a greater absorption of water and nutrients, delivering a more vigorous growth rate at transplanting.

watch the Rootmaker video to learn more!